need to do after enteringNagaland, is to register themselves in the police station

After a night train ride, here I amat the largest transportation center in North East IndiaOutside of the railway stationhere are many shared jeeps that take you to Darjeelingaround 250rs/person for a 3hrs rideThere are public buses too, but takes more than 3hrsI found my shared rideneed to wait a bit until the jeep is all fullLike in central Asiathey won't depart until it's fully packedi mean until they pack 9 passengers in2 passengers in first row, 4 in second row3 at the back rowincluding driver,all in total 11 people in the jeep !you need to pay them before they leave250rs for 3hrs ride, not bad.View from my room for first night, breath-takingbut freezing at nightJust moved into this hotel for day 2quite clean insidealthough the outside seems a bit rustyThis hotel locates in the middle of a slopeLook at these stairs !It took me a while to bring my luggage up to the roomDarjeeling is actually a hill stationso pretty much you are either climbing up or walking downLet's see what's up there.

Today is Sunday. Most stores are closed.A Tibetan museum next to my hotelI don't know if it worth the ticket priceBecause the one in Dharamshala only exhibitsthe brutal photos of so-called massacre of the partyand it claims to be a Tibetan "culture exhibition"I wouldn't want to pay to see these imagesFrom this point, you get a clear view of thesnow-capped mountains in the HimalayasUnder there is Darjeeling's famousnarrow gauge train stationWalking in Darjeeling is really only ups and downsfrom place to place, it takes some time.Students' creations of the Indian flaghanging here in the classroom in a schooland an India mapThis is the classroom for high school kids.

Girls here just pinched my cheeksthey just want to see how bouncy it ishaha interesting !Another classroomthis seems like a schedule ?The classroom isn't that bigKids told me its a boy's class ?(Chinese) How are you ?

(Chinese) How are you ?(Chinese) Very good !The girls told me the first languagethey study here is NepaliI can see a Nepali alphabet here on the wall.Second language they use in teaching is Englishfor all subjects (same as the rest of India)They don't learn Hindi in classThese girls are pretty(Hindi) You girls are beautiful !

How do you say "beautiful" in Chinese?Wow such a sunny day today !I had a momo (Tibetan dumpling) for lunchand went to a school on the hill topNow I'm heading to find some locations thatthey shoot the film Barfi a few years ago here.This is it !

The famous narrow gauge toy train.It was in the moive tooThere is one transportation route that takesyou from mountain foot to Darjeeling in 7hrsOr you can take a sightseeing routearound 30mins, only goes from Darjeeling to Ghumsteam trainoh are they leaving soon ?check out the locomotiveIt does use coalThe view at the railway station is breath-takingIn distance, you can seeall these snow-capped peaks of the HimalayasAmazing !Sunset here is at 4.

15pm. Temperature drops now.Treated myself a favorite: kulfi.Let me show you the local market here.

It is end of Nov at this time.Almost winter here.But didn't expect the sun is gone at 4.15pm.

and it's completely darkand freezing.Surprisingly, it's very easy to find fish heretogether with some other seafood.I have no idea where they get the seafood fromI mean it's in the mountain here, not at the seaside.I had a Bengali fish curry yesterday.

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Many Nepali faces in DarjeelingI can probably pretend to be one of themIt seems like 8-9ish pm now, but it's only 5pmI warmed myself with a hot chaihot momonow let's climb up againand go back to take a rest.Truly freezing to me !Welcome back to my roomDo you know what's the most exciting thingwhen you live in the mountain ?Let me show you THE most exciting thing herehere we goblowing steam from a hot running shower !

Today I have hot running water shower yay !I'm so excited now !It's probably below 10 outsideLet me just jump into the shower now.I was making a plan for where I shall visit tomorrowI just realizedlook at this part of the google mapWhen Google detects my current location in Indiasee how they "define" Jammu and Kashmir regionIn between hereit supposed to be a dashed line of controlthis part under Pakistan controlWhen they find your location "IN India"it turned out to be under India controlDarjeeling has a very special geographical locationIt borders Nepal to the westSikkim stateBhutan to the eastit's right in the middle.

So the majority population of Darjeeling is Nepali.Nepali by race in India.Tomorrow I'm gonna leave Darjeeling to NE IndiaI'll take a shared jeep to SiliguriThen change to an overnight train to GuwahatiAssam state's largest cityAfter Guwahati my plan is to gofor the white rhinoIf possible, further entering Nagaland stateThere will be a tribal festival there in Kohimathat showcasing all 16 different Naga tribal culturesIt's interesting to see these Asian Naga facesThey look very unique to the rest of the countryThis Hornbill festival is also a musical festivalPreviously when I was somewhere elseArunachal Pradesh region is contoured with dashed linebecause, obviously, a neighbor think it's part of theirsIf you're using Google map in other countriesit's a dashed line borderWhen you're using in from IndiaSee this solid line border huh ? Hello Google ?

!Northeast India consists of 7 statesother than AP, there are 6 other statesFor Chinese passport holders with an Indian tourist visayou can FOR SURE visit Assam and Meghalayawith no problem and no extra permit required.Actually Nagaland has already open for tourism for a few yearsthey do NOT ask for a special permitfrom foreigners who want to travel there.NO tourist guide is needed.

Foreigners can travel Nagaland on their own.The only thing foreigners need to do after enteringNagaland, is to register themselves in the police station.Same policy for foreign tourists to go tothe other 4 NE statesBut if you're holding a Chinese passportthat's another story !100% you can NOT go APIf you wanna go Nagaland, you need to acquirea special tourism permit beforehandeither in Delhi or in Guwahati.

And you are NOT allowed to travel on your own.Sign up with a package tour with a guideis a MUST !So Chinese have to go with a package tour to Nagalandnot on your own.But, interestingly, look at herea big city in Nagaland - DimapurDimapur is right on the border of Assam & NagalandIn fact, the state border crosses Dimapur citySo I will go take a bus to Nagaon fisrt,then from Nagaon I'll go Dimapur.

If they DO check permit from Chinese (I don't have),I'll return to Nagaon the same way that I arrive.My assumption is usually Indian officers won't checkbecause the are like that being inefficient like always.Depends on how strict they are at the check pointmaybe I can enter with no permit.Look at hereDimapur actually locates in 2 stateshalf of city is in Assam and half in Nagaland.

Dimapur airport can you see ?It's still in Assam.So i'm going to try my luck to enter Dimapur.A humid and cold Darjeeling nightNothing much to doStaying in bed with no heating, no hot drinking wateri bought a bottle of drinking water todaybut there is no kettle in the roomRoom temperature water is just not that attractive to meit's so icyI could have drunk that bottle of waterbut then I will feel even colder.

So better just not to drink it.I asked for one more blanket toplace on the top of the other twoNow I have three layersMy own blanketone quiltwith an additional blanket toppingI will add my cloth on the top laterDarjeeling is beautifulbut not for winterAll I can do at night here is just to lie downand keep myself warm in bed.What a winter !Thinking about the 5am sunrise tripI don't think I'm up for itanyway, sunrise isn't much different from sunset, right ?

Already saw the sunset today. It was amazing !Why shall I get up in darkness at 5am for sunrise ?The scenery here is truly magnificentIt could be really good place for escapingthe gloomy weathers during Darjeeling summerMake sure you bring loads of winter cloth with youI wasn't planning to visit DarjeelingI was only planning to go 5 NE statesand it's pretty warm over thereso I didn't pack any winter cloth with me.

I just checked in Guwahati it's 17-18 degree at nightso literally I'm not ready for coming to DarjeelingI only travel with one pants, and I just washed itit got muddy and dirty todayI guess it won't get completely dry tomorrow morningso let's see what I can wear for idea what to do if it's still wetMaybe no matter what, just put on the wet one.Anyway I can't go with shorts, right ?Let's see thenFeeling like in a fridge nowGood night guys !

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